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The competition with telegrams puts an end to one of the most profitable services provided by the CTNE, the telefonemas. Short text messages for brief notifications, precursors of systems that are still in use today.

No more telephonemes, the Whatsapp grandparents you've never even heard of


During the first ten years of its existence, one of CTNE's sources of income was the sending of telephonemes between subscribers. Telephonemes were short written messages that could be sent from telephone to telephone to give a message so brief and specific that it did not require a call. If we thought that SMS and later instant messaging had been a revolution, let us consider that between 1924 and 1934 - when this service was discontinued - the CTNE earned more than 60 million pesetas (3.6 million euros) for this service. In 1934, under its contract with the State, CTNE ceased to provide this service in order not to compete with telegrams.


Accounting standards


CTNE receives the first circular with the accounting rules that are to govern the company. ITT, our first owner, provided this manual, making it clear on its cover that it could not be "transferred or allowed to be used by any other entity", as it was an exclusive assignment.

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More automatic service and more countries to call


This year, Lleida, Tarragona and Las Palmas are the capitals that will switch to automatic service. As for international traffic, conference calls to destinations such as Guatemala, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Panama, Bahamas and Indochina are becoming a reality.

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