It is now possible to call from Spain to 90 destinations and new countries are being added every year. Networks and staff in service are growing.

New international destinations and more and more Spaniards online


A year of continuity in which the exchange continues to grow at a good pace - more than 980,000 lines at the end of December - and 139 small towns throughout Spain are connected to the national network. The year ends with more than 27,000 kilometres of new cables laid. Outside our country, CTNE already has connections to 90 destinations, and this year will see the addition of Austria, Portuguese Guinea and Hong Kong.

Servicio telefónico internacional

The company celebrates its 30th anniversary


30 years after its incorporation as a company, CTNE is experiencing a period of growth. Under the presidency of José Navarro Reverter, infrastructure continues to be deployed and towns are connected to the network. Towns such as Mérida, Calatayud, El Escorial and Mieres have automatic services. The company has around 20,000 employees and obtains net profits of more than 300 million pesetas (1.8 million euros).

Anuario Telefónico 1953-1954

The intercom becomes popular


In the mid-1950s, the use of intercoms began to become popular, those terminals installed in large areas - factories, offices, hotels - that establish communication with each other without going out to the external network. Manufactured by Standard Eléctrica, a historic partner and friend of the CTNE, they are extremely useful for communication between different rooms or halls, and they are very easy to use - just press a button - and their maintenance is simple and inexpensive.

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