Housing, commissaries, insurance and holidays: employee welfare is a priority for Telefónica. Meanwhile, rural deployments connect hundreds of new locations every year.

Focus on employee benefits


CTNE is not only a great company, it is also a great family and looks after the welfare of its employees. The numerous measures aimed at workers are noteworthy, some of which are mentioned below: • New housing construction plan and loans for home ownership. The company handled 324 requests for loans amounting to almost 10 million pesetas (just over 60,000 euros). • New Labour Economies are set up in Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia, Seville and Bilbao • In Madrid, we are starting a new preventive medicine work with a regular radiographic examination, on voluntary request. • The fight against tuberculosis is continuing (it was launched ten years earlier) and this year the number of patients was reduced in 1957, which had already recorded the lowest number of cases since its inception. • The children's camps for employees' children and holiday homes continue in Cercedilla. • New premises for library services announced.

Puerta principal del edificio central Pi y Margall

"Happy results": almost 600 villages get a telephone


In 1958 we achieve a record, we reach the largest number of villages so far with the telephone: 594 populations can use the telephone for the first time. Other figures show, as the chairman, José Navarro Reverter y Gomis, says, the "happy results of all kinds that are reflected in this report, which have allowed our securities to gain prestige in the capital market, where they have always been favourably received". These include, among others, the following: • We reach 5,828 call centres throughout Spain at the end of the year. • We inaugurate the automatic urban service with a total of 2,250 lines • A total of 3,885 kilometres of pole line is constructed, with 12,951 kilometres of bare wire circuit hung.

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