Niños jugando alrededor de una cabina


Stand de Telefónica MWC en el Metaverso

In the year in which the parallel reality of the metaverse burst onto the scene, we bid farewell, with a touch of nostalgia, to the cabins and this year we dismantled the 15,000 cabins that remained in Spain.

Farewell to the booths


There used to be almost 100,000 of them in Spain, but they were swallowed up by mobile phones in the late 1990s. 2022 is the year in which Telefónica says goodbye to one of its great symbols: telephone booths. After ceasing to be considered a "universal service" by law, the company proceeded during that year to dismantle the nearly 15,000 that remained throughout Spain. Although there is already a whole generation that doesn't even know how they were used, the truth is that many secrets, goodbyes, good and bad news, laughter and tears go with them.

Adios a las cabinas telefónicas

Digitisation to save the planet


Telefónica puts figures and a date on its environmental responsibility and is committed to achieving zero net greenhouse gas emissions by 2040, not only for the company itself but also for all its suppliers and providers. From making more efficient devices to reducing travel, Telefónica multiplies its efforts to integrate "changes that stop change". It is the first telco in the world to do so and to have these targets validated by the UN-driven Science Based Targets (SBTi) initiative.

Jardineros con tableta

Landing in the metaverse


Telefónica bets big on the metaverse at Mobile World Congress 2022 and experiments with an associated stand that reproduces, like a twin brother, its physical stand. Visitors could connect with experts, attend lectures and enjoy an unprecedented experience of this parallel reality that is still awakening. In September, the "Telefónica Metaverse Day" will also be held for the first time. The headquarters of Distrito Telefónica opens its doors to present all the latest news on innovation in the metaverse and other firsts related to the new digital era: tokens, NFTs, Virtual Reality devices, Augmented Reality and mixed reality, web3 and much more.

Telefónica Metaverse Day