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Record of profits and new customers for Telefónica, in the context of a country (Spain) experiencing a unique moment of growth and development in all aspects.

We are growing at a very good pace: Almost two million telephones


1961 marks the midst of a decade of growth and development for Spain in all aspects. And the figures for our installation and service development also show that the economy is doing well: • Inauguration of the service in 437 towns and villages • We build 2,159 kilometres of pole line, with almost 11,000 kilometres of circuit, in bare wire. • And we set a new telephone record: more than 218,000 telephones installed that year, bringing the total to almost two million by the end of 1961, 78.5% of which were automatic.

Crecemos a muy buen ritmo: Casi dos millones de teléfonos

Record profits


In these times of expansion and growth in Spain, the company's results are also optimistic. In 1961 we break records and exceed one billion pesetas in profit. Exactly 1,181,753,876 pesetas (7,102,484 euros). A good result that spills over to shareholders. An interim dividend of more than 312 million pesetas (more than 1,800,000 euros) is paid out of these profits in December.

Récord de beneficios

The legendary Heraldo is born


At the beginning of the 1960s, the black Bakelite models gave way to the legendary Heraldo telephone. The Heraldo was the telephone that became popular in the following years and became the domestic telephone in every home in Spain. Together with its younger brother, the Góndola, it introduced colour to telephony, as it began to be manufactured in white, green, blue, red and grey. It experimented with modifications with wall-mounted varieties, with push-button panel, and a wide range of accessories, such as the buzzer. Its great success and impeccable operation kept it as the telephone of reference until 1983.


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