From users to customers, Telefónica's approach to the consumer has intensified this year. Its chairman, who comes from the consumer sector, is clear: "nothing happens in a Company until a salesperson sells something".

"No subscribers; they are our customers"


These were the years of Cándido Velázquez-Gaztelu, the most commercial chairman we have ever had. He came from managing FMCG companies, such as Tabacalera and Coca-Cola, and knew the world of sales, supply and demand well. The phrase we have chosen to headline this milestone is his and speaks to that. After seven decades of serving subscribers, it is now time to take care of customers. This shift in perspective has lasted until today. "Nothing happens in a company until a salesperson sells something," Velázquez-Gaztelu also said. A valuable lesson for when, a few years later, Telefónica moved to operate in a liberalised market. In 1993, after years of "suffering" and effort, the endless waiting lists for the installation of new lines came to an end. The commitment to register a telephone was set at a maximum of one week, and the pending requests were successfully completed. A major commercial milestone for Telefónica's future.

We arrive in Puerto Rico


Latin America was already a priority for Telefónica, which continuously explored new markets and opportunities. At the beginning of 1993, it already had significant stakes in Argentina, Chile and Venezuela, and we also entered Puerto Rico with the purchase of 79% of TLD (December 2022). The investment of some USD 140 million consolidated Telefónica's presence in the Caribbean region. The giant ATT, dominant in international and long-distance services, did not like this and saw its position threatened. With the purchase of TLD's one million lines, Telefónica became the leading operator of domestic traffic in Puerto Rico.

Llegamos a Puerto Rico

The dancing T


Nine years after the company adopted the capital T formed by equal circles as its logo, and probably in line with the customer orientation we were talking about, the management team adds another twist to the company's brand image. The T of circles remains the essence, but now they will be coloured, arranged diagonally and of different sizes. A T that is no longer still, that moves, that seems to dance. A multicoloured T for a company that is growing, that is expanding around the world and that wants to be the favourite of users.

Logotipo Telefónica

A day with Telefónica

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