Dia Internacional Voluntarios Telefónica - Voluntarios México


We become the first mobile telephony operator in Latin America, following a gigantic operation that allowed us to enter into ten markets. And this year we also started an important internal celebration for Telefónica's employees: Telefónica's International Volunteers Day.

Leading operator in Latin America


In 2004, Telefónica takes a giant step beyond the Atlantic and we become the first mobile telephony operator in Latin America, after signing an agreement with the US operator Bellsouth. Following the acquisition of 100% of its stakes in 10 Latin American countries: Venezuela, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Panama, Ecuador, Colombia, Peru, Uruguay, Argentina and Chile, Telefónica Móviles will start managing 10.5 million more customers, reaching 41 million in the region and 100 million worldwide. We are a great multidomestic company, as César Alierta, Telefónica's chairman, liked to emphasise, and our offer to customers is made according to the particularities of each market, aiming for the best combination of being global and local at the same time. Telefónica entered new markets, such as Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador and Uruguay, where we were not present, and we consolidated our presence in Argentina, Peru and Chile. In addition, we achieve a significant critical mass in the Central American market, which is managed in an integrated manner, in Panama, Nicaragua and Guatemala.

DIVT: The most important day of the year


Telefónica's International Volunteer Day is one of the most important days of the year for Telefónica employees. And its origin dates back to 2004, when it was decided to celebrate together, from every corner of Telefónica, the solidarity work of the whole year. Since then, Fundación Telefónica, with the support and participation of our chairman and management team, has united us and our colleagues in an intense day of solidarity. A great event with numerous activities and workshops, also virtual, in various fields, to help the most vulnerable. DIVT teaches us the true value of connecting with those who need it most and this programme of solidarity, which gives us enormous pride of ownership, has grown steadily to almost 60,000 people today.

A pioneering measure: One free title for every 25


In November 2004, we announce a pioneering measure in the European telecommunications sector that will keep Telefónica at the forefront of shareholder remuneration. The Board of Directors approves the distribution of one free share for every 25 shares held by the holder. The decision aims to maintain an attractive shareholder remuneration policy, in line with international best practices.

Junta General de Accionistas 2004


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