Exposición Star Wars en Flagship


Our Flagship store on Gran Vía is much more than a shop, a unique place of experiences and novelties with guests of honour such as Rafa Nadal. In addition, this year we are presenting a pioneering technology: a backpack that generates a 4G network on its own.

The Flagship on Gran Vía, much more than a shop


As well as showcasing the latest technological innovations, all sorts of extraordinary things happen at Telefónica's Flagship on Gran Vía. In 2017, Rafa Nadal accompanies us, for example, to the premiere of a video game that allowed us to play tennis with the super champion with an almost real sensation. Visitors, customers and media came to enjoy it. And also that year, on the occasion of the premiere of 'Star Wars: The Last Jedi', the ground floor of Gran Vía hosts a unique exhibition with original and authorised pieces from the official Star Wars collection, workshops and virtual reality experiences to immerse yourself in the most mythical scenes.

Rafa Nadal en la Flagship

Connected rucksacks, ready for rescue


Technology, always at the service of people. One of the mantras that Telefónica repeats and applies to each of its launches. In 2017 we introduce a backpack weighing less than three kilos that generates a private, portable 4G network on its own. A miniature "base station" capable of providing voice and data coverage to a group of people in a specific area. With just one SIM card, the LTE Nano backpack could connect, for example, to a security operation at a specific location where a rescue was needed. A technological solution that was already a reality and could be of invaluable help in emergency situations.

Mochila conectada LTE de rescate

Towards a cleaner fleet


As part of its commitment to achieving zero carbon dioxide emissions and moving towards a decarbonised economy, Telefónica is pioneering the introduction of ten fully electric vehicles for its professional fleet in the Operations and Network area in 2017. The supplier of the Peugeot vans is Alphabet, the leasing company of the BMW Group, and would achieve an estimated would achieve an estimated emissions saving of 2.6 Tn CO2 per vehicle per year.

Flota vehículos eléctricos


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