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We implemented a new global corporate plan 'Be More', both internal and external, to become a Digital Telco. Telefónica I+D, our innovation engine, celebrates its 25th anniversary and we have a new unit, Eleven Paths, focused on digital security.

Towards a Digital Telco


Being a Digital Telco means going one step further. In 2013 'BE MORE' became Telefónica's new motto and strategic plan, the new way of seeing, feeling and acting to lead the company to become a Digital Telco focused on technology and helping to improve people's lives. ‘Be More’ is the company's first global internal and external programme, and it got us rowing in a single direction.

Hacia una Telco Digital

25 years of Telefónica R&D


In a commemorative event with personalities from all fields, and with the participation of the Prince of Asturias, we celebrated in Telefónica District the 25th anniversary of the Group's innovation engine and international benchmark. The company then has the largest private R&D centre in Spain and, together with the CSIC, leads the Spanish ranking of international patent applications. Telefónica R&D has been the laboratory for some of the most successful ideas that have later become Movistar's commercial products and services.

25 Aniversario de Telefónica i+D

Eleven Paths, the new digital security subsidiary


2013 sees the birth of Eleven Paths, the new unit that will drive innovation in digital security within Telefónica. The company, led by digital security expert Chema Alonso, has the best talent in the world of cybersecurity and relies on Telefónica to market its products.

Presentación nueva filial ciberseguridad ElevenPaths

Inauguration of the Alcalá Data Centre


In May 2013, Telefónica opens the doors of the Alcalá Data Centre, one of the most innovative data processing centres on the planet, the largest TIER IV data centre in the world (this model guarantees 99.995% annual reliability, the highest fault tolerance). It is difficult to get an idea of the size and technological capacity, it would be equivalent to the power of 35 million desktop computers, some 20 petabytes. The centre, located in Alcalá de Henares, in Madrid, was created with the aim of being a point of reference for companies around the world and to concentrate Telefónica's cloud for Europe and the platforms of customers in Spain, the United Kingdom, Germany and the Czech Republic.

Telefónica inaugurates 'Alcalá Data Center'.

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