Salida a bolsa en Alemania


We launched an integrated communications offer in Spain, which marked a turning point: Movistar Fusión. The Espacio Fundación Telefónica in Gran Vía was also born, to host the new culture of the 21st century in the heart of Madrid. And in Germany we made our debut on the stock exchange.


A change of model: Fusion is born


2012 is a key year in the transformation of Telefónica's business model in Spain. Courageous, groundbreaking decisions led to the elimination of handset subsidies and the launch of 'Movistar Fusión', an integrated communications offer (fixed and mobile) that marked a turning point. ‘Movistar Fusión’ responded to a need for customer simplification and in three months, our flagship offer, achieved its first million users.

Publicidad Movistar Fusión

Telefónica Germany debuts on the stock exchange


Telefónica's German subsidiary successfully debuts in October on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange at a price of 5.6 euros. The number of shares offered to the market in this IPO represented just over 23%.

Salida a bolsa en Alemania

The sale of Atento


In December, Telefónica closed the sale of Atento, its contact center subsidiary, to Bein Capital. Atento was created in 1999 because of the consolidation of all Telefónica's customer service businesses in Spain and other Latin American countries. After its sale, the company kept the brand, continued to lead its sector in Latin America and is still, in fact, Telefónica's supplier for this type of services in many countries.

Venta de Atento

A new space, an exponent of 21st century culture


The Espacio Fundación Telefónica was created in May 2012, in the company's historic headquarters on Gran Vía, to host the new culture of the 21st century in the heart of Madrid and to become an open place for debate, reflection, communication and meeting. The dialogue between art, technology and new forms of communication is developed through different workshops, an auditorium and various exhibition spaces on four floors of this unique and emblematic building.

Inauguracion Espacio Fundación

Launching Talentum


Although Telefónica's scholarship programmes go back a long way, as well as the importance of incorporating young talent into the company, it was in 2012 when Telefónica launched a comprehensive programme to attract and seek young talent. It is aimed at both undergraduates and graduates and therefore has two legs: Talentum Universitas, a long-term paid scholarship programme for young graduates, and Talentum Startups, an initiative for early-career technology students. In 2022, when Talentum celebrates its 10th anniversary, it takes stock of this fruitful decade: more than 100,000 candidates, 6,000 scholarships awarded and, among these, 2,600 recruitments.